Monday, October 24, 2011

...Because Portland Has No Winter and Fashion Knows No Season.

My favorite trend lately is winter shorts.  I know we've all teased someone for wearing clothes that are completely season inappropriate but I've got to say, this trend is growing on me.  Now before all of you fashion defiant hippies get too excited, there are some rules to make this work.
  1. Sorry boys, this is only for girls (young and older)
  2. Look for shorts in fall/winter appropriate fabrics like wools, tweeds, velvet, cable knit (not sweats!) leather, and denim (lined is extra cozy too)
  3. Go short but not too short! Try a more modest length but not quite bermudas. (be comfortable but don't be afraid to show off those legs) They don't have to be tight either.
  4. Make sure your jacket does not go below the length of your shorts or you will look like a hooker.
  5. You've gotta wear tights/leggings or you will freeze (legwarmers and boots are a must too)
  6. Balance the summery separate with fall-themed tops and like a blazer, sweater, or poncho 
  7. Accessorize!  Legwarmers, boots, scarves, statement jewelry, hats. Bring it on!  This look is all about showing off your legs, and showcasing your great collection of accessories or top.

I probably should have done this first but here's why I love this trend

  1. I can't fit into skinny jeans or look good in them for the life of me but I've been so jealous of all the beautiful boots and accessories available that are catered to the "skinnies" wearers.  If I layer on the tights (Spanx), leggings, legwarmers, and cute socks, and high top boots or booties my legs look amazing and very comfy and cozy!
  2. It's a great transitional piece to cope with the inevitable denial that we all face when the temperature drops below 60 degrees.
  3. Suspenders... who knew? 
  4. Little girls can rock it too! SOOOO CUTE! (my nieces (ages 5/6) have done this and don't know how trendy they are)


    1. hahahaha in referring to the fashion defiant hippies i assume that relates to me...
      i saw this for the first time two days ago when walking in the park, it did catch my eye although the shorts were khaki so were the tights and the shirt she was wearing.... but seeing as i am a fan of Denim and corduroy short skirt with tights in the winter/fall maybe i could become partial to this as well.. and become more of a fashion conscious hippie :-P