Monday, March 26, 2012

Costume Project

With graduation coming up, I probably shouldn't take up any more projects but I just couldn't resist this one (mostly because it would do great things for my portfolio and might get me business right away).  Anyway, I decided to make a 1940's era swing dance ensemble.  The first part.... Inspiration! To suit the beautiful lady I am making it for, I have decided on a v-neck with a defined waist.  Also, for some 1940's interest, I thought I might add some fun pleats and other fun feminine elements.  1930's and 40's boasted some wonderfully innovative pattern-making that I would love to channel through this dress. This is what I have so far. I took my cue from vintage as well as modern takes on vintage.  Let me know what you all think? :-)
On the Homefront Dress from Modcloth
The Hunger Games-Reaping Dress
Kathryn Hepburn
Ralph Lauren Spring 2012
Barbara Stanwych-Ball of Fire
1940's era pattern
To finish things off, I just found this video and thought I'd share it. It's pretty awesome!
100 years in 1 and half minutes of dancing!

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