Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fit for a Princess

This term I get to design my own collection which is really exciting but a lot of work at the same time.  I’ve decided to share my progress in making my dresses for this collection, and whatever else I decide to work on.  The first dress I’m making I named “Annabelle”.  It reminds me of a fairytale princess dress the likes of Rapunzel, Giselle (from Enchanted), or Aurora (from Sleeping Beauty) but my original inspiration for the collection in general is the ballet.  First of all, I'd just like to say that I am obsessed with Disney's interpretation of Rapunzel in Tangled.  I love that she's spunky, strong willed, and insanely creative!  If I had nowhere to go and all those supplies to play with all the time, I'd probably be the same way and my wall would look the same :-)  Of course Flynn is awesome too, mostly cuz Zachary Levi is amazing and hilarious! I just wish I could hang out  in his circle of friends... of course there is that language barrier with not knowing Star Wars.... Anyways....If you haven't seen Tangled yet, DO IT! ... NOW! and here's a preview to help convince you and b/c I love that I can embed videos. :-)

So About my work :-)

This dress one in particular would be displayed best if the wearer were ballroom dancing (then I would add some more sparkles of course :-)It is going to be made mostly from silk chiffon, which overlays silk satin and a tulle petticoat.  The portion above the bustier is going to be very sheer.  The same fabric will be used to weave a covering for the bustier. Also, because of the sheerness, you will be able to see the boning beneath it. The skirt will also be chiffon, covering satin, over a petticoat.  What I am most excited about it that I will be using the fabric and embellishments from old wedding dresses to make my entire collection.  I'm hoping there is some silk in there so I can more easily dye it and make it even more couture looking.  I just found out that one of the wedding dresses I was given (well my school was given and then to me) is a Monique Lhuillier silk chiffon gown.  One of my friends just about cried when i said I was going to cut it up but seriously what else I am I going to do with it? Donate it to a museum? Sell it to a celebrity?  I think I'm just giving it another life.  After all, the zipper is broken and the chiffon is torn in several places.  So don't judge me! It will be gorgeous just you wait! ;-)

First Attempt....

I Tried to drape poly chiffon on the dress form for the sheer underlayer. Sounds fun right? NOT!
especially when its on the bias! These are some
pics of my first attempt.

Well, more to come!

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